Enabling the next phase of Moore’s Law through optical connectivity

Ayar Labs solves I/O bandwidth and power bottlenecks by moving data using light.


It’s Photons Over Electrons in Effort to Eke Out Better Chip Performance


Ayar Labs Adds $25 Million in Expansion of its $130 Million Series C


Ayar Labs Partners with Department of Defense to Accelerate Transition to Optical I/O in Next-Gen Defense Applications

Revolutionizing Chip-to-Chip Communication

Ayar Labs is disrupting the traditional performance, cost, and efficiency curves of the semiconductor and computing industries by delivering up to a 1000x improvement in interconnect bandwidth density at one-tenth the power. We use standard CMOS processing to develop high-speed, high-density, low-power optical interconnect “chiplets” and lasers to replace traditional electrical I/O.


→ Disaggregated architectures

→ Glue-less interconnects

→ Memory semantic fabrics


→ Chip-chip low latency

→ Bandwidth

→ HBM capacity


→ Disaggregated base stations

→ RF-optical I/O

→ Digital beam forming

Intelligent Edge

→ RF sensing

→ Phased array radar

→ AI at the edge

Upcoming Events

ECOC 2023

October 1–5, 2023
Glasgow, Scotland

Join us in Sivers Booth #615 to see a live demo of Sivers distributed feedback (DFB) laser arrays with Ayar Labs’ SuperNova™ remote light source. We will also be presenting in the ECOC Market Focus Sessions.

OCP Global Summit 2023

October 17–19, 2023
San Jose, CA

Join us at OCP Global Summit 2023: Ayar Labs and Intel will showcase a 4 Tbps optical FPGA with Ayar Labs’ in-package optical I/O. We’ll also be in the OCP Summit Experience Center and presenting at Special Focus: Optical Connectivity for AI Clusters and Future Technologies Initiative: In-Server Short Reach Optical Interconnects Workshop.

Newly Released

It’s Photons Over Electrons in Effort to Eke Out Better Chip Performance

The soaring computing demands of artificial intelligence are forcing chip makers to re-evaluate everything, from chip architecture to chip size to eke out better performance.

Sivers Photonics demonstrates next-generation DFB laser arrays supporting 4 Terabit GPU to GPU communication for Generative AI applications at ECOC 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland

Sivers Photonics, subsidiary of Sivers Semiconductors, will be present at the upcoming European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2023, taking place in the company’s hometown of Glasgow at the Scottish Exhibition Centre from 1 – 5 October 2023. Sivers and Ayar Labs will hold a joint live demonstration, showing the Sivers 8-wavelength distributed feedback (DFB) laser array integrated into the Ayar Labs SuperNova™ multi-wavelength optical source supporting 4 Terabit data communication.

Ayar Labs and Intel Showcase the Integration of In-Package Optical I/O with an FPGA at 4 Tbps

At Ayar Labs, we are excited to showcase a meaningful milestone in the maturity and manufacturability of our optical I/O solution. Teaming up with Intel, we have unveiled a groundbreaking integration of our optical I/O technology in a common datacenter form factor, providing a look into the future of computing.

Rethinking Generative AI Architectures with Optical I/O

Ayar Labs Optical I/O: Shattering the Barriers to AI at Scale

Generative AI is enabling transformative outcomes, but model complexity is growing exponentially. Traditional interconnects create a bottleneck for data, forcing GPUs to remain idle a majority of the time. We need a new approach to generative AI architecture: optically connect nodes at scale so they effectively work like a single, giant GPU.

Learn More: How Optical I/O Enables Nodes to Connect at Scale

Spend Precious Power on Compute, Not Connectivity

4 Tbps optical FPGA technology from Intel and Ayar Labs: Sergey Shumarayev, Intel senior principal engineer/distinguished architect, shares how optical FPGA technology addresses socket power challenges for data-intensive applications like generative AI.

Have You Seen the


Chip-to-chip communication is advancing at the speed of light. Are you keeping up?

Discover how HPE, Intel, Lockheed, NVIDIA, Raytheon, and others are looking to in-package optical I/O to ramp up data movement, build disaggregated architectures, and get that next million-X speed-up in AI.

Ayar Labs: Solving Data Bottlenecks with Optical I/O

Ayar Labs is solving the critical performance bottlenecks in computing systems with optical I/O. By moving data between computer chips using light instead of electricity, systems achieve a dramatic leap in performance and latency with much lower power.

In-Package Optical I/O: Unleashing Innovation

Discover how Ayar Labs’ optical I/O solution is the key to unleashing innovation in AI, scaling cloud and HPC, launching new aerospace systems, enabling the next wave of 5G, and more.

Recent Announcements

Ayar Labs Adds $25 Million in Expansion of its $130 Million Series C

Ayar Labs, a leader in silicon photonics for chip-to-chip connectivity, today announced it has raised an additional $25 million in Series C1 funding, bringing its total Series C raise to $155 million. The oversubscribed up round was led by new investor Capital TEN. VentureTech Alliance also entered the Series C expansion that included participation by previous investors Boardman Bay Capital Management, IAG Capital Partners, NVIDIA, and Tyche Partners.

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Ayar Labs + Intel

Anil Rao, VP & GM Systems Architecture & Engineering, Intel: Pushing the envelope with optical I/O.

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