Enabling the next phase of Moore’s Law through optical connectivity

Ayar Labs solves the I/O bandwidth and power bottlenecks by moving data using light.

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Ayar Labs Demonstrates Industry’s First Terabit Optical Link for Co-Packaged Optics and Chip-to-Chip Connectivity


See the demo of the industry’s first Terabit optical link


The Industry’s First Multi-wavelength, Multi-port Optical Source with 64 Wavelengths


Enabling HPC/AI Disaggregated System Architectures with Optical I/O

Watch this panel discussion and hear from experts who are building and exploring disaggregated architectures and wrestling with the challenges of I/O interconnects.

The CW-WDM MSA Consortium Releases New Specification for Multi-Wavelength Optical Laser Sources

Learn more about the specification →

Revolutionizing Chip-to-Chip Communication Across Industry Verticals

Ayar Labs is disrupting the traditional performance, cost, and efficiency curves of the semiconductor and computing industries by delivering up to a 1000x improvement in interconnect bandwidth density at one-tenth the power. We use standard CMOS processing to develop high-speed, high-density, low-power optical interconnect “chiplets” and lasers to replace traditional electrical I/O.


→ Disaggregated Architectures

→ Glue-less interconnects

→ Memory semantic fabrics


→ Chip-Chip low latency

→ Bandwidth

→ HBM Capacity


→ Disaggregated base stations

→ RF-Optical I/O

→ Digital Beam Forming

Intelligent Edge

→ RF Sensing

→ Phased Array Radar

→ AI at the edge

Optical I/O for Aerospace & Defense

Solution Brief: Unleashing Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry with Optical I/O

The promise of in-package optical I/O for aerospace addresses the demands of maintaining technological leadership in the changing global environment. In this solution brief, we discuss the capabilities of optical I/O for aerospace and its role in the development of new sensing and computer architectures that disaggregate the functional units within a system.

Learn how optical signaling interfaces can contribute to resolving bandwidth, latency, and power challenges across a range of applications.


Six Reasons the Aerospace Sector Needs Optical I/O Solutions

Companies developing the next generation of aerospace and defense solutions are pursuing a myriad of innovative ideas and technologies. From improving surface-to-air and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to enabling autonomous vehicle and unmanned aircraft operations…

Request your Optical I/O Starter Kit Today

Become a part of the I/O revolution and begin evaluating optical I/O for your next generation SoC architectures now with the Ayar Labs Optical I/O Starter Kit.  The kit includes everything you need and can be customized to meet your product requirements.

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Ayar Labs’ TeraPhy Chiplet Nears Volume Production

Moving data between processing nodes - whether servers in a data centre or specialised computing nodes used for supercomputing and artificial intelligence (AI) - is becoming a performance bottleneck. Workloads continue to grow yet networking isn’t keeping pace with...

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