Ayar Labs Adds $25 Million in Expansion of Its $130 Million
Series C

New Funding Fuels Acceleration of Optical I/O Roadmap Supporting Generative AI, Machine Learning, and HPC Applications


Ayar Labs Partners with Department of Defense to Accelerate Transition to Optical I/O in Next-Gen Defense Applications


Lockheed Martin, Ayar Labs Partner to Advance Microchip Connectivity for Next Generation Sensory Systems


Ayar Labs to Accelerate Development and Application of Optical Interconnects in AI/ML Architectures with NVIDIA

Revolutionizing Chip-to-Chip Communication

Ayar Labs is disrupting the traditional performance, cost, and efficiency curves of the semiconductor and computing industries by delivering up to a 1000x improvement in interconnect bandwidth density at one-tenth the power. We use standard CMOS processing to develop high-speed, high-density, low-power optical interconnect “chiplets” and lasers to replace traditional electrical I/O.


→ Disaggregated architectures

→ Glue-less interconnects

→ Memory semantic fabrics


→ Chip-chip low latency

→ Bandwidth

→ HBM capacity


→ Disaggregated base stations

→ RF-optical I/O

→ Digital beam forming

Intelligent Edge

→ RF sensing

→ Phased array radar

→ AI at the edge

Newly Released

Hyperion Research White Paper:

Strong Market Sentiment for Optical I/O Connectivity

Hyperion Research performed a study regarding market readiness and expectations from HPC/AI users and vendors in a variety of industries. It reflects strong sentiment and high expectations for the need for optical I/O connectivity to satisfy their respective future requirements. In-memory computing is identified as the next highest impact technology area.

Yole: Leveraging optical chip-to-chip connectivity to unleash the complete potential of AI – An interview with Ayar Labs

Co-packaged optics (CPO) has gained attention recently due to its power efficiency in data centers. While most leading proponents of CPO targeting networking applications have discontinued CPO programs due to macroeconomic headwinds, the situation of CPO for artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems is different. 

Optical I/O Glossary

What’s a microring resonator? What’s a chiplet? What’s an optical interconnect? If you’re finding ever-changing silicon photonics and optical I/O terms confusing, check out our new glossary. Each definition includes links to white papers, blogs, and videos for a deeper dive. We’ll be adding more terms over time.


Disaggregation and Optical Interconnect in AI/HPC Networks

This webinar discusses the push towards disaggregated resources and optical interconnect technologies to enable the next generation of high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence infrastructure. Partners throughout the ecosystem will provide their perspective on the latest advances, from foundry to optical interconnects, to systems and cloud services. In addition, a test and measurement perspective will be provided to support this new wave of interconnect technology.

JOIN US: Thursday, June 8

9:00 a.m. PDT

Ayar Labs

Have You Seen the


Chip-to-chip communication is advancing at the speed of light. Are you keeping up?

Discover how HPE, Intel, Lockheed, NVIDIA, Raytheon, and others are looking to in-package optical I/O to ramp up data movement, build disaggregated architectures, and get that next million-X speed-up in AI.

Ayar Labs: Solving Data Bottlenecks with Optical I/O

Ayar Labs is solving the critical performance bottlenecks in computing systems with optical I/O. By moving data between computer chips using light instead of electricity, systems achieve a dramatic leap in performance and latency with much lower power.

In-Package Optical I/O: Unleashing Innovation

Discover how Ayar Labs’ optical I/O solution is the key to unleashing innovation in AI, scaling cloud and HPC, launching new aerospace systems, enabling the next wave of 5G, and more.

Advancing Aerospace Applications with Optical I/O

Optical I/O: Designing the Future of Digital Beamforming and Antenna Arrays

Digital beamforming, which uses a large number of elements in antenna arrays, is the core technology driving advanced radar and communications systems for the aerospace industry. Phased array radar demands increasingly higher fidelity, which requires more elements generating more data. Only optical I/O from Ayar Labs provides the bandwidth density needed to deliver precise, higher fidelity phased array radar.

SWaP-Friendly Architectures Using Digital Beamforming and Optical I/O

The power and sophistication of modern radar systems is growing by leaps and bounds. These systems already offer capabilities that couldn’t have been dreamed of just a few short years ago. Furthermore, ongoing developments mean that these systems are poised to revolutionize sensing applications. However, there is a data bandwidth bottleneck that must be overcome to take full advantage of these state-of-the-art technologies.

Disaggregated System Architectures with Optical I/O

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Ayar Labs Announce Strategic Collaboration and Investment to Develop Next-Generation Data Center Architectures and Networking with Optical I/O

Ayar Labs’ Optical I/O Enables Disaggregated Architectures for Cloud, AI, and HPC

Recent Announcements

Ayar Labs Adds $25 Million in Expansion of its $130 Million Series C

Ayar Labs, a leader in silicon photonics for chip-to-chip connectivity, today announced it has raised an additional $25 million in Series C1 funding, bringing its total Series C raise to $155 million. The oversubscribed up round was led by new investor Capital TEN. VentureTech Alliance also entered the Series C expansion that included participation by previous investors Boardman Bay Capital Management, IAG Capital Partners, NVIDIA, and Tyche Partners.

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