Ayar Labs presents Brilliant.
A connectivity system that is about to revolutionize computing.

Brilliant moves data with fundamentally new technology, bringing the speed and efficiency of light to computer systems.


Today's hardware, which moves data electrically, cannot scale to run tomorrow's applications.

Moving data electrically will never allow hardware to scale. Here's why:

Data Rate Scaling

Data Rate Scaling

Processing capability has scaled exponentially for decades, but how we move data between chips has not kept up.

Electrical signal distance limit

Electrical signal distance limit

As data rates increase, the distance that data can travel decreases.

Chip area limits

Chip area limits

Scaling up data rates through copper wires requires devoting more chip area to sending and receiving data, which means chips have less area for logic.


Use light to move all data.

High Bandwidth

Using many colors of light enables scaling up bandwidths in a way that electricity can't.

Any Distance

Brilliant can send data any distance, whether it's 2cm or 2km.

Small Size

Our technology is built using a new miniature optical building block, which enables high bandwidths in a tiny chip area.


Brilliant will open up bottlenecks in many important areas.