About Ayar Labs

Unleashing the Next Wave of Computing with Optical I/O

Ayar Labs is unleashing processing power for artificial intelligence, high performance computing, cloud, aerospace, and telecommunications by removing the bottlenecks created by today’s electrical I/O. By moving data using light, we make it possible to continue scaling computing system performance, enabling the next system design breakthroughs for the growth of generative AI, disaggregated data centers, 6G, phased array sensory systems, and more.

Time Piece

The Difference

Our in-package optical I/O solution moves data from chip to chip using light instead of electricity transmitted through copper wires.


The Result

Breaking through the performance, power, and distance limitations of copper interconnect.


The Impact

New system architectures that enable the data throughput required by AI, cloud, HPC, 6G, and next-gen sensory systems.

Ayar Labs: Solving Data Bottlenecks with Optical I/O

Ayar Labs in-package optical I/O was designed to solve the critical performance bottlenecks in data-intensive computing systems. By moving data between computer chips using light instead of electricity, systems achieve 4 Tbps bi-directional bandwidth, power efficiency of less than 5pJ/b (10 Watts), latency of 5ns per chiplet + TOF, and reach from millimeters to kilometers.

TeraPHY Chiplet

Revolutionizing Computing by Moving Data with Light

Ayar Labs is the first to deliver an in-package optical I/O solution that combines optical I/O chiplets and multi-wavelength light sources to replace traditional electrical I/O. This silicon photonics-based I/O solution enables chips to communicate with each other from millimeters to kilometers, and to deliver orders of magnitude improvements in latency, bandwidth density, and power consumption.

We are now commercializing our solution and starting to deliver in volume to select customers. We’re also building a strong optical interconnect ecosystem that includes key strategic technology and supply chain partnerships, as well as industry and standards organizations. Ayar Labs was founded in 2015 and is funded by a number of domestic and international venture capital firms as well as strategic investors such as Applied Ventures, GlobalFoundries, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, Intel Capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures, and NVIDIA.

Our Core Values

  • EWin in the marketplace
  • EInnovate or die
  • EStay honest and open
  • EBe the best. Be bold
  • EKeep a scalable mindset

Our Story


First ever monolithic microring transmitters demonstrated


Company created: Ayar Labs

First ever CPU chip to communicate with optical I/O



Strategic partnership formed with GlobalFoundries

Prototype 45nm optical chip



Selected as optical solution for Intel’s DARPA PIPES Project


$35M Series B

First working silicon in next-gen 45nm silicon photonics process

Intel & Ayar Labs demonstrate optical I/O in FPGA for PIPES

CW-WDM MSA established


First Tbps optical link demonstrated

Supply chain partnership formed with MACOM


$130M Series C

First volume shipments

Technology partnerships formed with HPE, Lockheed Martin, NVIDIA

Supply chain partnerships formed with Lumentum, Sivers


$25M Series C-1

Publicly demonstrated industry’s first 4-Tbps optical solution



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