Here’s a peek at our 4-Tbps optical I/O solution demo as well as real customer assessment data comparing the commercial state-of-the-art to Ayar Labs’ in-package optical I/O solution in terms of data throughput, power consumption, and footprint.

The demonstration of Ayar Labs’ bidirectional wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical I/O solution for chip-to-chip optical connectivity will make its first public appearance March 7-9 at the OFC 2023 Conference in San Diego.

Contact  to schedule a demo in our booth #6008 at OFC 2023. Ayar Labs is now shipping its in-package optical I/O solution with sub-10 ns latency and sub-10 Watts of power needed for leading semiconductor, AI/HPC, aerospace, and data center customers to support next-generation data-intensive workloads.

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