Ayar Labs Realizes Co-Packaged Silicon Photonics

Jan 19, 2020Media

High-performance computing demand high-performance I/O. The industry has been struggling with improving high-bandwidth long-range solutions for some time. Last year saw the introduction of FPGAs from both Intel and Xilinx with 56G I/O. Long-reach 112G SerDes PHYs have been announced and will likely be in better shape with the upcoming 5-nanometer node. Looking a bit further out, industry roadmaps beyond 112G is filled with uncertainties. For longer distances that span dozens of meters or more, optical communication is used instead of electrical. Unfortunately, those products tend to be inversely related. The further from the physical die you get, the costlier it is to transmit a bit. Likewise higher wire data rates typically sacrifice density. It’s for this reason that monolithic silicon photonics is seen as the holy grail solution for information processing.

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