Cache-Coherent Interconnect

What is a cache-coherent interconnect?A communication system that maintains data consistency between processors, accelerators, and memory in a system-on-chip (SoC) or multi-chip module (MCM).

A cache-coherent interconnect maintains data consistency between local caches of processors in a multiprocessor system. By maintaining a unified, coherent memory space, it improves performance, power efficiency, and reduces software complexity, allowing efficient data sharing without relying on software management of data movement between components.

Ayar Labs’ optical I/O is uniquely suited to cache-coherence I/O applications due to the optical interconnect’s inherent high-speed, high-throughput, error-free nature. It provides the following advantages over existing solutions:

  • Ensuring shared memory remains consistent and up to date across all processing devices.
  • Allowing utilization of hardware-based coherency instead of software coherency.
  • Increasing scalability by utilizing the enormous bandwidth provided by optical interconnect.
  • Minimizing latency using very low latency optical I/O to reduce the latency associated with cache maintenance operations.
  • Reducing the complexity and verification overhead associated with software-managed coherency.

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