#OFC24: Moving Data at the Speed of AI

Apr 5, 2024Media

Ayar Labs is unveiling the second generation of its SuperNova light™ source, which powers the company’s TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplet and enables huge leaps in bi-directional bandwidth.

Mark Wade, CEO and co-founder of Ayar Labs, discusses:

  • The unveiling of Ayar Labs’ latest hardware, achieving full bandwidth between two chips of 4 terabits per second.
  • The power of this technology to transmit massive amounts of bandwidth with low latency, high bandwidth densities, and excellent power efficiency, all while maintaining signal integrity.
  • The ongoing ecosystem work, including optically connected FPGAs with Intel PSG (Altera), high-density optical connector work with Teramount, and the management of optical connections with Corning around glass interposers and optical interposers with glass shuffles.

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