See the Light: 4-Tbps Chip-to-Chip Optical Communication Demonstrated with Intel Chiplet Leadership

Nov 10, 2023Media

Pathfinding the way towards a future where chip-to-chip interfaces exceed the bandwidth and power limitations of electrical connections, Intel, in collaboration with Ayar Labs, have achieved new heights by demonstrating 4-Tbps communication between semiconductor devices integrating advanced FPGA and optical chiplets.

As a performer for the DARPA PIPES (Photonics in the Package for Extreme Scalability), Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) created a demo highlighting 4-Tbps chip-to-chip communication with Intel® FPGA co-packaged optics MCP (Multi-Chip Package). This demo was first presented at the DARPA ERI (Electronics Resurgence Initiative) summit in Seattle last August, and then at Hot Chips conference and OCP (Open Compute Project) summit soon after.

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