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Ayar Labs Partners with Department of Defense to Accelerate Transition to Optical I/O in Next-Gen Defense Applications

Project KANAGAWA granted to Ayar Labs with goal of transitioning optical Input/Output (I/O) into the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) while driving affordability and scalability for production…

Ayar Labs in the Media

Introducing the Photonics100

Congratulations to Mark Wade, Ayar Labs CTO, SVP engineering, and co-founder, for being recognized as part of The Photonics100’s most innovative people in the photonics industry.

Silicon Photonics and the Hunt for an HPC Bandwidth Bottleneck Breakthrough

“FLOPS are cheap, moving data is expensive.” In HPC circles this sentiment is heard often. There’s a growing sense that classical HPC systems and the advanced chips that power them are pushing up against their practical limits, that some foundational new technology is needed to build more balanced systems to achieve the next major advance in supercomputing power.

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Lockheed Martin looks to pooling and optical I/O

Electronic systems must peer into ever-greater swathes of the electromagnetic spectrum to ensure a battlefield edge. Such electronic systems are used in ground, air, and sea vehicles and even in space. The designs combine sensors and electronic circuitry for tasks...

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