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Ayar Labs Expands Global Presence and Adds Industry Veterans to Executive Team

Named a Cool Vendor in Silicon Photonics by Gartner SANTA CLARA, CA and LONDON, UK, June 29, 2021 – In order to address the UK and European market demand for in-package Optical I/O, Ayar Labs has established an international subsidiary with Ayar Labs UK Ltd.  Optical...

Ayar Labs in the Media

The Future of Optical I/O is more Parallel Links

Chris Cole has a lofty vantage point regarding how optical interfaces will likely evolve. As well as being an adviser to the firm II-VI, Cole is Chair of the Continuous Wave-Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CW-WDM) multi-source agreement (MSA). The CW-WDM...

Super-fast Optical Interconnects

Universal chip-to-chip optical interconnects are delivering off-package communication at the bandwidth density and energy cost of in-package electrical incumbents DATA DASHES through today's optical fibre system networks before it slows to a crawl at copper...

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Seeing Past Copper

As the computing world looks for ways to speed processing and reduce latency across various devices and systems, new and powerful frameworks are emerging. Many of these systems continue to run into the same vexing problem: the interconnects on microchips use...

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