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Ayar Labs Receives Recognition as Top Chiplet Startup & Tech Startup to Bet Your Career On in 2021

Recognition by industry experts for Ayar Labs as leading startup in emerging technologies and innovative industry 4.0 solutions. SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan., 2021 – Amidst the economic strain of 2020, Ayar Labs' technology proved resistant to market trends, with...

Ayar Labs in the Media

Ayar Labs’ TeraPhy Chiplet Nears Volume Production

Moving data between processing nodes - whether servers in a data centre or specialised computing nodes used for supercomputing and artificial intelligence (AI) - is becoming a performance bottleneck. Workloads continue to grow yet networking isn’t keeping pace with...

Seeing Past Copper

As the computing world looks for ways to speed processing and reduce latency across various devices and systems, new and powerful frameworks are...

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