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Ayar Labs to Accelerate Development and Application of Optical Interconnects in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Architectures with NVIDIA

Ayar Labs, the leader in chip-to-chip optical connectivity, is developing with NVIDIA groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure based on optical I/O technology to meet future demands of…

Ayar Labs in the Media

Ayar Labs preps for an optical I/O reckoning

Ayar Labs is continuing the long, storied tradition in telecom of replacing copper wires with fiber optics and using light instead of electricity to transmit data. The difference is that Ayar Labs is replacing copper connections at the chip level, speeding up...

Ayar Labs: 2022 is the year of scale

Having spent the last two years getting its technology and supplier ducks in a row, co-packaged optics (CPO) startup Ayar Labs now has an announced customer in Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE; see “HPE, Ayar Labs pair to bring optical I/O to HPE Slingshot Ethernet...

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