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Ayar Labs Partners with Department of Defense to Accelerate Transition to Optical I/O in Next-Gen Defense Applications

Project KANAGAWA granted to Ayar Labs with goal of transitioning optical Input/Output (I/O) into the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) while driving affordability and scalability for production…

Ayar Labs in the Media

Computing, chips, foundational tech: The 8 next big things, from smart-home connectivity to AI-assisted chip design

Thanks to innovations in computing and chips, our technology is smarter—and better connected—than ever before. We now have AI to help make processors faster, more capable, and more power-efficient; 3D printing to create metals at far greater speeds than existing tech; and connectivity protocols to create reliable and secure IoT ecosystems.

At Ayar Labs, It’s All Coming Together

For Ayar Labs, the company best known for optical chip-to-chip interconnects, the industry-wide adoption of chiplets couldn’t have come at a better time. These silicon and packaging technologies enable Ayar’s silicon photonics chiplets, which convert from the...

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