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Ayar Labs Expands Global Presence and Adds Industry Veterans to Executive Team

Named a Cool Vendor in Silicon Photonics by Gartner SANTA CLARA, CA and LONDON, UK, June 29, 2021 – In order to address the UK and European market demand for in-package Optical I/O, Ayar Labs has established an international subsidiary with Ayar Labs UK Ltd.  Optical...

At Hot Chips, Intel Pushes ‘AI Everywhere’

What’s New: At Hot Chips 2019, Intel revealed new details of upcoming high-performance artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators: Intel® Nervana™ neural network processors, with the NNP-T for training and the NNP-I for inference. Intel engineers also presented...

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Ayar Labs in the Media

The Future of Optical I/O is more Parallel Links

Chris Cole has a lofty vantage point regarding how optical interfaces will likely evolve. As well as being an adviser to the firm II-VI, Cole is Chair of the Continuous Wave-Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CW-WDM) multi-source agreement (MSA). The CW-WDM...

Ayar Labs Realizes Co-Packaged Silicon Photonics

High-performance computing demand high-performance I/O. The industry has been struggling with improving high-bandwidth long-range solutions for some time. Last year saw the introduction of FPGAs from both Intel and Xilinx with 56G I/O. Long-reach 112G SerDes PHYs have...

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