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Dr. Ken Chang Joins Ayar Labs Executive Leadership Team as Senior Vice President of Engineering

SANTA CLARA, CA, December 17, 2019 – Ayar Labs is pleased to announce that Dr. Ken Chang, former VP of Wired Engineering at Xilinx, has joined as Senior Vice President of Engineering.  Dr. Chang joins Ayar after nine years at Xilinx where he led its SerDes technology...

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Ayar Labs in the Media

On-Chip Optical Links Are One Step Closer To Reality

Ayar Labs looks like it is just about ready to put its optical I/O chiplet technology into commercial datacenter products.  A presentation at the recent Hot Chips conference revealed a lot more detail about Ayar’s technology than it has have offered in the past, while...

At Ayar Labs, optical chips borne of MIT research

A breakthrough in optical chips could mean massive energy and cost savings in data centers. In 1965, Gordon Moore noticed that computer chips were roughly doubling in power every year, following an exponential curve. The trend held with such reliability that the...

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