OCP Global Summit 2023

October 17–19, 2023, San Jose, CA

Join Ayar Labs at the 2023 Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit: the premier event uniting the most forward-thinking minds in open IT ecosystem development.

At the 2023 OCP Global Summit, participants will explore emerging trends, tackle complex challenges, and discover new opportunities to drive global innovation. Through this collaborative spirit, we aim to accelerate the development of efficient, scalable, and sustainable open compute solutions that power the future of technology.

Ayar Labs at OCP Global Summit 2023


Intel and Ayar Labs 4 Tbps Optical FPGA Demonstration

At OCP Global Summit 2023, Ayar Labs and Intel will showcase a 4 Tbps optical FPGA with Ayar Labs’ in-package optical I/O. You’ll see 4 Tbps bidirectional communication between two optically enabled Intel FPGAs using Ayar Labs TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplets and SuperNova™ light sources. Data generated from each FPGA is optically transmitted from one board and received and verified on the other board.

OCP Summit Experience Center

Visit Ayar Labs in Station 1: Open Chiplet Economy
The OCP Summit Experience Center gives the OCP Community a venue to showcase OCP-recognized product offerings, discuss Community-authored specifications and emerging technology in the pipeline, while receiving direct feedback from Summit attendees. This is hands-on, engineering lab experience.

Presentations & Workshop

Special Focus: Optical Connectivity for AI Clusters
The Next Wave of Computing with Optical I/O

The accelerating growth of generative AI model parameter sizes along with the need to scale data center performance and efficiency through composable architectures are pushing the limits of traditional interconnect technologies. The latest advancements in optical I/O, a new generation of chiplet and multi-wavelength photonic solutions, provide dramatically increased bandwidth, at lower latency, over longer distances, and at a fraction of the power of existing solutions.

In this talk, we present the convergence of trends in compute applications as well as new optical products, technologies, and ecosystems that will scale over several generations, leading to opportunities to build paradigm-shifting system architectures addressing AI/ML, HPC, and cloud computing applications.

LK Bhupathi
VP of Products, Strategy and Ecosystem
Ayar Labs

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
10:20 – 10:40 AM
SJCC Concourse Level 210AE

Future Technologies Initiative: In-Server Short Reach Optical Interconnects Workshop

Ayar Labs will join other technology leaders, including Dell, Lawrence Berkely Laboratory, Marvell, and Meta, to share their perspectives on requirements and technologies suitable for the use of photonics in computer interconnects. Applications such as CPU-xPU and GPU-GPU interconnects, processor-to-memory interconnects for memory disaggregation and pooled memory, and back-end ML-AI clusters will be discussed. The workshop runs 12:30-5:00 PM on Wednesday, October 18.

Ayar Labs Workshop Presentation:
Scalable Optical I/O for Disaggregated Infrastructure

Optical I/O for the next wave of computing.

LK Bhupathi
VP of Products, Strategy and Ecosystem
Ayar Labs

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
2:45 – 3:00 PM
SJCC Lower Levels LL20D

Dig Deeper into Optical FPGAs

Unleashing Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry with Optical I/O

The FPGA Turns to Optical Interconnects

Optical interconnects have been lurking in the background in recent years as potential solutions to the issue of interconnecting hundreds of I/O in dense electronics assemblies as performance and speed requirements increase. Now, with applications such as AI and machine learning increasing, the cry for alternatives to traditional copper interconnects are growing louder.

Design News

TeraPHY enabled compute nodes

An Important Milestone in Delivering on the Promise of Optical I/O

At Ayar Labs, we are excited to showcase a meaningful milestone in the maturity and manufacturability of our optical I/O solution. Teaming up with Intel, we have unveiled a groundbreaking integration of our optical I/O technology in a common datacenter form factor, providing a look into the future of computing.

TeraPHY enabled compute nodes

4 Tbps Optical FPGA Technology from Intel and Ayar Labs: Spend Your Precious Power on Compute, Not Connectivity

Sergey Shumarayev, Intel senior principal engineer/distinguished architect, shares how optical FPGA technology addresses socket power challenges for data-intensive applications like generative AI.

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