Ayar Labs is a connectivity solution company. We break barriers in moving data with fundamentally new electronic-photonic integrated circuits.

Teraphy Silicon Chips

The Ayar Labs TeraPHY silicon chip, a >1 Terabit PHY, offers unprecedented bandwidth-density and energy efficiency for in-package optical integration. The initial product will be available in 1.6 Tbps and 3.2 Tbps versions. Each will transmit data at 1.6 or 3.2 Tbps on four or eight single-mode (SM) fibers, each transmitting data at 400 Gbps, and each will receive data at 1.6 or 3.2 Tbps on four or eight single-mode (SM) fibers, each receiving data at 400 Gbps. The electrical interface will be via 50 Gbps very short reach (VSR) links, and the TeraPHY chip can interface with the customer chip via either on-board or in-package electrical traces. Optical connectivity is via standard duplex LC connectors. A separate SuperNova light supply module supplies light to the TeraPHY silicon chip via four additional fibers.

Teraphy Silicon Chips

The TeraPHY silicon chip can tolerate operating temperatures of up to 125°C, making it ideal for integration in-package with high-throughput, high TDP customer chips.


All components of electrical and optical I/O functionality, except for the light source, are included in the TeraPHY chip. It includes a 50 Gbps VSR electrical interface, optical modulators, photodetectors, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) wavelength mux and demux, closed-loop thermal tuning of optical components, driver circuitry, high-speed PLL and clocking, built-in self test (BIST), and a low speed digital interface for diagnostics and control.

Teraphy Silicon Chips

SuperNova light supplies

The Ayar Labs SuperNova light supply is a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that generates eight or sixteen wavelengths of O-band light, multiplexes them, splits the power, and amplifies it to eight or sixteen output ports. It is capable of supplying light for 256 channels of data, or 6.4 Tbps.

System reference designs

As our products become available, we will offer reference designs for some of the systems that our products enable. Our approach to system design enables new applications, using our reference architecture, described below.

Teraphy Silicon Chips