Webinar: Disaggregated System Architectures for Next Generation HPC and AI Workloads

Nov 12, 2020 | Resources, Video

As scientific applications and workflows incorporate AI models, new opportunities for innovation in system architectures are being created to increase post-exascale computing capabilities. Disaggregated architectures that decouple memory from processors and accelerators allow for flexible node designs and represent a promising architecture shift that can meet the demands of next generation HPC and AI workloads.

This webinar brings together thought leaders working across government, industry and academia who are building and exploring disaggregated architectures and the technologies that enable them. Explore the promise and challenges of building HPC architectures of the future!


  • Timothy Prickett Morgan, (Moderator) Co-Editor, Co-Founder, The Next Platform
  • Dr. Ian Karlin, Principal HPC Strategist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • John Shalf, Department Head for Computer Science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Dr. Josh FrymanSenior Principal Engineer at Intel Corp
  • Dr. Vladimir StojanovicChief Architect at Ayar Labs
  • Doug Carmean, Architect at Microsoft


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