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An optical I/O revolution is coming! Now is your chance to experiment and develop new technology architectures for the future. Ayar Labs’ universal in-package optical interconnect (I/O) solution removes the bottlenecks created by today’s electrical I/O. It makes it possible to continue scaling computing system performance while reducing power consumption and enabling new system architectures for applications such as artificial intelligence, high performance computing, cloud, aerospace and telecommunications. Now is your chance to realize the potential that this next-generation technology has to unleash unprecedented bandwidth for your products.

Become a part of the I/O revolution and start evaluating optical I/O for your next generation SoC architectures now with the Ayar Labs Optical I/O Starter Kit.  The kit includes everything you need to get started and can be customized to meet your product requirements.

The Ayar Labs Optical I/O Starter Kit includes:

  • Packaged/fiber-attached single die package (SDP) TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplet on organic substrate
  • Evaluation host board:  TeraPHY SDP socket and microcontroller daughter card with flash module for firmware storage and interface to host computer
  • Multiwavelength, multi-port light source
  • Firmware/software for microcontroller:  C/C++ code implementing service routines for the TeraPHY
  • Software:
    • GUI interface for monitoring transceiver statistics
    • Eye diagram captures on our transceivers
    • Flexible configuration modes
  • Optical I/O Starter Kit User Guide – includes TeraPHY, laser, board, and software
Optical I/O starter kit Image


Your opportunity to evaluate this revolutionary technology is limited! Request to purchase an Ayar Labs Optical I/O Starter Kit by providing your contact information and filling out the submission form.  Your request will be reviewed by an Ayar Labs representative. The most compelling use cases will be selected.

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