SuperNova™ Light Source

Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Port Light Source

The SuperNova™ remote light source is the backbone of Ayar Labs’ optical I/O solution, providing up to 16 wavelengths of light and powering up to 16 ports. Combined with Ayar Labs TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplet, the solution provides 5x-10x higher bandwidth, 10x lower latency, and is 4x-8x more power efficient compared to traditional interconnects (pluggable optics+electrical SerDes). Optical I/O eliminates I/O bottlenecks, transcending process limitations, and unleashing innovative architectures for next-generation AI architectures.

First CW-WDM MSA-Compliant Light Source

As the first optical source designed to be compliant with the CW-WDM MSA specification, our SuperNova light source can be deployed across a wide range of applications including AI architectures, high-speed I/O, optical computing, and high-density co-packaged optics.

SuperNova™ Multi-Wavelength Light Source

Key Features

  • Up to 16 wavelengths of light delivered into 16 fibers
  • Each fiber carries up to 16 wavelengths
  • 64X the wavelengths compared with CWDM4 multi-wavelength pluggable optics
  • Capable of supplying light for 256 channels of data, or 16 Tbps bidirectional
  • Disaggregated, remote laser offers platform flexibility, as well as field replaceability
  • Compact form factor for lower power consumption
  • Multiple wavelengths in a single array simplify and lower the cost of packaging
  • Compliant with the CW-WDM MSA specification that standardizes optical sources for co-packaged optics, high speed I/O, AI, and optical computing
  • Meets GR-468 reliability requirements for optoelectronic devices and pluggable optics

The CW-WDM MSA Consortium Releases New Specification for Multi-Wavelength Optical Laser Sources

Learn more about the specification →

SuperNova Light Source: The Industry’s First CW-WDM MSA-Compliant 16 Wavelength Light Source

Ayar Labs has made the next big leap in optical I/O technology by introducing the industry’s first CW-WDM MSA-compliant 16 wavelength light source, which can drive 256 optical carriers for 16 Tbps of bi-directional bandwidth — a level of bandwidth essential for AI workloads.

The 16 wavelength SuperNova light source offers compact packaging, operates at wide temperature ranges, and can supply light for 256 data channels, making it capable of handling the significantly higher throughput required for the massive growth in AI applications.

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