March 5 – 9, 2023, San Diego, CA

Join Ayar Labs at OFC: the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals.

Event Highlights

Ayar Labs Demonstrates the Industry’s First 4 Tbps Optical Solution for Chip-to-Chip Connectivity

At OFC 2023, Ayar Labs will showcase its CW-WDM optical I/O solution moving data from one TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplet to another TeraPHY chiplet at 2.048 Tbps, powered by SuperNova™ light sources. Each SuperNova powers 8 optical ports in each TeraPHY I/O chiplet. With 8 precisely spaced wavelengths modulated at a data rate of 32 Gbps, each optical port delivers 256 Gbps of bandwidth. Each TeraPHY chiplet therefore provides a throughput of 2.048 Tbps in each direction, or 4.096 Tbps bidirectional.

Fabricated in the GF Fotonix process, the electro-optical transceivers in the TeraPHY chiplet are fully integrated and achieve error-free data transmission without FEC (forward error correction). Perhaps more importantly, the data transfer consumes less than 5 pJ/bit, providing the power density and performance per watt needed to achieve trillions of AI connections in advanced HPC designs and more.

Ayar Labs is proud to be a bronze sponsor of the Optica Executive Forum at OFC 2023

Join us in San Diego on March 6, 2023 for this premier annual event for optical networking and communications leaders.

The 2023 Optica Executive Forum is co-located with OFC and will feature a keynote presentation, three-panel discussions, a lightning startup round, and an executive fireside chat. This event is an exclusive opportunity for attendees to spend a full day with senior executives, connect with industry leaders and decision-makers, and ask challenging questions.

Event Schedule

OFC 2023 is going to be an exciting event for Ayar Labs. We’re looking forward to seeing you at new demonstrations in our booth and partner booths, as well as workshops and panels where we’ll share more on our optical I/O solution. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements from our partners and Ayar Labs.

Ayar Labs

Booth #6008

Ayar Labs Demonstrates the Industry’s First 4 Tbps Optical Solution for Chip-to-Chip Connectivity

OFC Workshop: Where are the Boundaries Between IM-DD and Coherent?

Will Machine Learning be the Killer Application for Optical Networks in Data Centers?

OFC Panel: High Power and Comb Laser Sources

Optical I/O Solutions for Next-Generation Computing Systems


Booth #5400

SuperNova™ Light Source Demonstration


Booth #5216

View a TeraPHY™ Chiplet


Booth #4511

Quantifi Photonics Announces the Laser 1300 Series, Powered by Ayar Labs’ SuperNova™ Light Source

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