March 24–28, 2024, San Diego, CA

Join Ayar Labs in booth #1511 at OFC: the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals.

In 2024, OFC expects to welcome over 13,000 participants from 74 countries, 87 media outlets and have more than 573 exhibiting companies in its exhibition halls. This global event serves as the platform for start-ups to make their debut and industry leaders to set the pace for what’s to come. Event organizers provide a compelling series of exciting programs and events covering the entire ecosystem with a focus on inclusivity.

Ayar Labs at OFC

Ayar Labs Booth 1511

Join Ayar Labs in Booth 1511 for a look at our newest in-package optical I/O technology. You’ll also find demos, customer projects, and more.

In-package optical I/O delivers up to five times higher data rates and 10 times lower latency, with up to eight times the power efficiency versus traditional interconnects (electrical I/O + pluggable optics).

OIF to Showcase Interoperability at OFC 2024 with Nearly 50 Member Companies Collaborating to Address Unprecedented Demand for Next-Generation Network Solutions

Booth #1323
OIF’s interoperability demonstration at OFC 2024 will feature 47 member companies, including Ayar Labs, showcasing breakthrough solutions in speed, power, and density to meet the growing demands of next-generation data center networking, AI/ML, and disaggregation applications.

OFC Panel Discussions and Presentations

Ayar Labs is proud to be a silver sponsor for the Optica Executive Forum at OFC 2024

Monday, 25 March 2024, 7:30 – 19:00
The Optica Executive Forum is a one-day program, co-located with OFC, featuring a keynote session, panel presentations, a business fireside chat and in-person networking opportunities.

OFC Special Session:
Moore’s Law: A Photonics Perspective for the Next Decade

Tuesday, 26 March, 14:00 – 16:00
San Diego Convention Center
Room 6D

Functional groups of transistors form CPU/GPU/NPU/TPU silicon chips of great capability. But will all this potentiality be stranded on these chips, like remote islands cut off from the outside world? Where can photonics help? Our invited experts will provide their insights.

Invited Speakers

Andreas Bechtolsheim, Arista
Keeping up with Moore’s Law

Amit Nagra, Intel
Keeping up with and Enabling Moore’s Law: Role of Photonics I/O

Katharine Schmidtke, Eribel Systems
Moore’s Law Redefined for AI/HPC Systems

Rebecca Schaevitz, Lightmatter
Breaking Down the Interconnect Bottleneck — A Third Dimension

Vladimir Stojanovic, Ayar Labs
In-Package Optical I/O: Bridging the Gap Between Moore’s Law and Amdahl’s Law in Modern Compute Systems

Anna Tauke-Pedretti, DARPA
The Path for Scaling Photonic Integrated Circuits

Th1B Datacom Session: VCSELs, Multi-Lambda Sources, Spatial Multiplexing

Presider: Thomas Greer, NVIDIA

Th1B.1: Multi-Wavelength Sources for In-Package Optics

Invited Presenter: Matthew Sysak, VP, Laser & Platform Engineering, Ayar Labs
Thursday, 28 March,
8:00-8:30 | Room 1B

Ayar Labs 8 wavelength, 64 carrier, CW-WDM MSA-compliant SuperNova™ optical source is reviewed. A new 16 wavelength, 256 carrier, CW-WDM MSA-compliant optical source is presented supporting >8 Tbps from a CMOS die.

Authors: Matthew Sysak, Radek Roucka, Raval Manan, Nandita Aggarwal, Chen Li, Fernando Luna, Sally El-Henawy, John Frey, Ken Wang, Li-fan Yang, Mark Wade, Chen Sun | Ayar Labs

Dig Deeper into Optical I/O

Ayar Labs Optical I/O: Shattering the Barriers to AI at Scale

Generative AI model complexity is growing exponentially. Traditional interconnects create a bottleneck for data transfer, forcing GPUs to remain idle. Optical I/O connects nodes at scale so they work like one giant GPU.

Intel & Ayar Labs: 4 Tbps Optical FPGA Demo

See 4 Tbps optically enabled FPGAs, co-developed by Intel and Ayar Labs. This video shows 4 Tbps bidirectional communication between two optically enabled Intel FPGAs using Ayar Labs TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplets and SuperNova remote light source.

In-Package Optical I/O: Unleashing Innovation

Ayar Labs has developed the first monolithic, in-package optical I/O chiplet that eliminates the bottlenecks in traditional copper-based systems. Discover how Ayar Labs’ optical I/O unleashes AI innovation, cloud and HPC scaling, innovative aerospace systems, the next wave of 5G, and more.

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